About Tulips

Tulips in my opinion can be considered the second most liked flowers. Throughout the whole world this flower is really appreciated, and favored. It’s a simply beautiful flower which after all, conquered the whole world.Thus in this paper, I invite the reader, to take a closer look to tulips and get familiar with some ideas related to these beautiful flowers. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, tulips are perennial bulbous plants growing to 10-70 centimeters tall, with a small number of strap-shaped, waxy textured, usually glaucous green leaves and large flowers with six petals.The flower originates from the Persian Empire, and it was brought to Europe by Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq in the 16th century.

After its arrival to Europe, tulips became highly popular and they quickly spread.Charles de L’Ecluse (Clusius) http://hcs.osu.edu/hort/history/040.html is the person who contributed to this spreading of tulips throughout Europe. He was the author of the first major book about tulips and his observations were and still are highly valued.
It is also important to note that the admiration for these new flowers triggered a real mania, commonly known as the tulip mania. It took place in the first part of the 17th century, especially in 1636–37. Originally the term denotes a period in the history of the Netherlands during which demand for tulip bulbs reached such a peak that enormous prices were charged for a single bulb http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulip_mania

Cultivating tulips is rather easy, and this fact has surely contributed to the flower’s popularity. When cultivating tulips one has to obey some basic rules, and success is guarenteed. First of all tulips need a cold winter climate in order to grow successfully. Furthermore tulips can be grown either through offsets or through seed. Because tulips can be considered the genetic clones of the parent plant, offsets are the best way to enlarge the stock of a given tulip cultivar. Furthermore a tulip grown from seed will only bear a passing resemblance to the flower, from which the seed was taken. This makes for great potential according to the source, in breeding new tulip flowers and a great variation in the wild. Tulip growers must be patient, because offsets often take at least a year to grow to sufficient size to bloom, and a tulip grown from seed will not flower for anywhere between 5 and 7 years after planting. One more important idea is that tulip bulbs need to be removed from the ground in June, and they must be replanted again by September to endure winter.
Tulips are very popular throughout the world. In many countries Tulip Festivals are held. These countries include: The Netherlands, England, Canada, Australia.Tulips are popular in Romania as well. Tulips arrangements have that spring freshness and always convey very optimistic and energetic messages.
In Romania tulips are usually given on the 1st of March, when we celebrate spring and atraditional amulett, the “martisor” is given to every lady. Tulips are most appreciated and liked flowers. Thus sending them is always appreciated.
In case you have some dear persons in Romania, surprise them in spring with a wonderful bouquet.