"Flowers are Love's truest language; they betray, Like the divining rods of Magi old, Where precious wealth lies buried, not of gold, But lovestrong love, that never can decay!"

- Park Benjamin

About Bouvardia

Bouvardia can be considered a remarkable flower, yet is not so well-known.I wish to make this lovely flower better known through this article. Consequently I would like to proceed with its description.Mostly grown for ornamental purposes, Bouvardia has a delicate and sweet scent. Moreover it has loose clusters of tubular scarlet flowers fringed with leaves. The stalks are tall and each stem resembles a bright blast of colors.Its color ranges from white, pink, and red to different shades. It is considered a flower native to Mexico. It was introduced into Europe in the second half of the 19th century.It is a commonly held belief that the flower got its name after dr. Charles Bouvard, whowas king Louis XIII’s personal physician. Moreover the above mentioned gentleman was also the director of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. Nowadays is a popular green house flower in The Netherlands.http://www.flowers.org.uk/flowers/facts/a-d/bouvardia.htm The species of Bouvardia include:Bouvardia laevisBouvardia leianthaBouvardia longifloraBouvardia multifloraBouvardia scabraBouvardia ternifoliaBouvardia triphyllaBouvardia versicolor(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouvardia).If you decide to plant bouvardias in your garden, here are some tips.Pots should be 5 or 6 inches. The best compost for them consists of two-thirds loam, one-third peat and leaf mold and an addition of sand. You can raise young plants by annual cuttings. In order to encourage new shoots, old plants must be pruned in February. When the new shoots are about 2 inches long, they are detached and inserted in pots of sandy soil. When the roots are formed, these should be potted into a 3 inch pot filled also with compost. As they grow, they are potted in larger pots. The shoots should be pinched in the summer so they will bloom in the winter.http://www.botany.com/bouvardia.html Bear in mind that Bouvardia is very keen on water. Thus a particular water loss may affect the flower tremendously. If you follow all these steps, I am sure your Bouvardias will be wonderful. Good Luck with planting this flower. May it be the jewel of your garden.