About Geranium

  Geranium is a much preferred plant, that makes any garden look just great!It can represent a bright and colorful spot in our garden.
  Moreover geraniums not only brighten our garden, but fill our soul with joy.Looking at a geranium, our souls surely fill with tender and warm feelings. A nice plant like this can bring so much color and vitality to our seemingly dull life.Let us look in more detail to this wonderful plant.    
  The common name for geraniums is cranesbill. This name can be derived  from the plant’s appearance. Its seed-heads can be considered as having the shape of a bill of a crane. Moreover geranium is a genus comprising 422 species of flowering plants.
It can be asserted that geraniums started their world-tour from the Mediterranean regions. They can be found all over these temperate regions, and now geraniums are cultivated in practically every part of Europe, even in the USA. In the USA it is known under the name of pelargonium. When trying to cultivate this lovely plant, please take into account the following rules.First of all, geraniums like and bloom in full sun light. Geraniums can be easily grown from seed or cuttings. Moreover geraniums need to be watered. In order to fertilize and maximize growth and plant health add compost to the soil.Approximately geraniums live about 18 months. They can last over the winter as indoors houseplants. When spring comes you can plant them again in your garden. Moreover it is necessary to fertilize once a month. This process will also have a beneficial effect upon the beauty of your plant.(http://www.gardenersnet.com/flower/geranium.htm)

     Moreover if you wish to grow cuttings, new growths need to be snipped off, in about 3-4 inches length. Afterwards you need to stick them in mosted potting soil.
     In this soil they will surely root. Therefore if you wish to surprise your dearest ones, relatives with a geranium, you will know what to do. ;-)Geranium’s beauty charmed many artists as well. There are lots of beautiful paintings displaying geraniums. Moreover they made their way into literature as well. In one of the greatest American novels, The Awakening by Kate Chopin, geraniums make their subtle appearance. Geraniums are present in one of the novels key-scenes, and their symbolistic is very rich and worth pondering upon.