About Burnet

Burnet is a less-known flower and plant, yet its quiet and tacit beauty inspired and continues to inspire many persons.  Burnet is like a silent charm and discreet presence of beauty in our everyday often gray existence.
Let us know more about this flower in what follows. First of all because it is a lovely flower it is becoming more and more popular in Romania as well in many other countries.
Burnet belongs to the flowers used as an ornament for gardens. The genus comprises 18 species, interestingly enough the leaves and flowers stems arise from a rhizome that is thick and creeping. Another beautiful and interesting aspect is the elliptic, rounded and scalloped leaflets.  Flowers are produced by the plant from mid-summer to early fall.
Besides being an attractive flower and plant, burnet is excellent for those farmers who have a damp site within their site. Burnets favors damp, humidity and they have no tolerance to drought.
Several species of burnet are native to southern Europe and central Asia. In the gardens this plant has become quickly popular.  The flowers steam reach to 60-80 cm tall and have small, globular flowers. It is the leaves that can be considered truly attractive. The removal o the  flowering stems will keep them under control.
The most beautiful species of burnet is the Japanese burnet. The flowers are beautiful, bright pink and very elegant. Moreover this specie reaches up to 100 cm.
Thus if you wish something unique and beautiful in your garden from Romania or anywhere else, choose burnet flowers to decorate your garden.