"Like the musician, the painter, the poet, and the rest the true lover of flowers is born, not made. And he is born to happiness in this vale of tears, to a certain amount of the purest joy that earth can give her children, joy that is tranquil, innocent, uplifting, unfading"

- Celia Thaxter

About Dahlia

When I think of dahlias, a blast of colors, simplicity, elegance come to my mind. In some words, dahlias could be characterized by these terms. A real blast of colors, a simple yet still elegant flower, this is dahlia. Moreover it can also be considered a token of beauty especially in our gardens. If you have dahlias in your garden, beauty is definitely the word to be used for describing it. In order to get to know more details about this lovely flower, please read the information below. Dahlias were cultivated from ancient times. The first to know dahlias, were the Aztecs in Mexico. When the Spanish began their conquest of Mexico, they also met dahlia, this wonderful flower. Delighted by the beauty of this flower, the Spaniards took these to Spain as well, and soon the flower spread all around the world. Currently there are 18 species known plus a variety of hybrids. Furthermore dahlias can be considered many-branched plants, which grow from underground rubbers. Its height ranges from 10 inches to 20, or even 30 feet. Its flowers can be single or double, the petals are straight, rolled upward, ruffled or flaring. Blossoming of dahlias depends upon climate, soil and variety, but usually they bloom from august until frost. http://www.flowers-cs.com/dahlia.html  Dahlias can be considered varied flowers and this variety allows us to use them for making our landscape more attractive. This flower can be used as low growing border plants, as well as for background plantings. Moreover dahlias make excellent cut flowers that can bring a touch of color, life and beauty to our rooms. Like many other flowers, dahlias prefer full sunlight and tolerate most soil types. When planting them, please make sure that the soil temperature is adequate and frost has passed. The planting hole should have a 12 inch diameter and 12 inch deep. It is a good idea to add compost to the soil. Thus the quality of soil better and dahlias will perform better.When dahlias are blooming, they will certainly need a fertilizer. In order to promote a compact, bushy growing habit it is a good idea to pinch back the new growth, when your dahlia is about a foot high. In case you wish your Dahlia to provide a continuous flower show, you will have to remove the spent buds promptly. To obtain the finest cut flowers, cut dahlias early, when they are fist opened. Place them in water and enjoy the lovely sight! Cut Dahlias will last from 5 to 7 days. http://www.thegardenhelper.com/dahlia.html Dahlia Societies were organized worldwide in order to provide more information about this amazing flower. Moreover exhibitions are annually held in different countries. Thus one can take delight in these incredible flowers for entire days. Our florists have also participated at a flower exhibition in Romania, and won it. If dahlias are cultivated with dedicated care, attention they reward the cultivator with the finest blooms in a wide range of colors. Moreover dahlias can decorate any room, house and fill it with warmth, tenderness and vivid colors. Thus start growing dahlias, or surprise your dearest one with a bunch of them. The impression will be a lasting one!