About Parakeet

The flower I wish to present is less known to the wide public, parakeet or Heliconia. I think Parakeet arranged in a bouquet it would look simply stunning. Moreover I am sure many beautiful bunches of flowers of Parakeet are made in Romania. Let us know more about this stunning flower named Parakeet. First of all it originates from Brazil, thus it cannot tolerate well frost. Moreover it prefers light shade to full sun, and a moist, well drained soil. Thus if you can provide for them a moist and shady place, they will perform well, transforming your garden into a little and exotic paradise! Parakeet makes perfect container plants. Moreover as cut flowers they last up to 2-3weeks.This beautiful exotic looking flowers conquered everyone all around the world. Its beautiful green foliage, the flamboyant and exotic orange and yellow flowers leave any lady impressed. When organized in a bunch, they look even better!
Try your hand at growing Parakeet in your garden in Romania or anywhere else!If you can provide a light shade, and a well drained soil, Parakeet will decorate your garden! Moreover they resemble Paradise Bird flowers, a favorite of ladies from Romania.Good Luck with growing Parakeets!