About Watsonia

Watsonia is a beautiful but less known flower. It is becoming more and more popular flower in Romania. This beautiful flower originates from Africa. But it can be easily planted anywhere, to decorate gardens or front porches.It can be considered a very easy flower to plant. Many persons from Romania use this plant for decorating their gardens. For the best look and effect, you should plant Watsonia in mass. It will confer a unique color to your garden. In order to have the best results, plant Watsonia in a well-drained, rich in compost soil. Moreover it requires a full sun position. They also like moisture, so please make sure, that it is watered well. It is also recommended to feed the plant with small amounts of fertilizers, rich in potash. Moreover you should plant seeds in the period between April and June. Usually germination begins after 3-4 weeks. Watering should be used with moderation, and after the young corms emerge, they should be lifted and stored in a dry and cool place. In March these should be replanted. If you space them sufficiently, they will bloom and develop perfectly. When in bloom, feel free to cut Watsonia flowers for bouquets. They will make beautiful bouquets. After blooming has finished for the season leave the foliage in place, don't cut it off.  The leaves will gather sunlight and provide nourishment for next year's show.Water the plant as needed. At the end of the summer the leaves will yellow and die back as the plant slips into dormancy. Foliage may be removed at this point. The Watsonia will rest for a few months before beginning the next growing cycle.Good Luck with planting Watsonia in your garden in Romania or anywhere else!