About Mayflower

Mayflower can be regarded as a flower of a rare beauty. Besides being a lovely flower, it reminds persons of the ship carrying the first colonists to the American continent.
It is interesting to learn that Mayflower is native to the American land, yet now is more or less known worldwide. In what follows I would like to present some ideas about its growth and propagation.

The scientific name of Mayflower is Epigaea. First of all, mayflower seeds should be sown outdoors, during midsummer, at a depth of about 6mm into an acidic and gritty soil. Moreover they prefer shady areas; germination usually takes about a month. But flowering begins only after three years.

    Its color varies from white and pink. Moreover these wonderful blossoms look even more beautiful against the intense green color of the leaves. According to many persons Mayflower is among the first spring flowers, and its blossoms, announce the coming of a brighter period. Another important aspect is that Mayflower is the floral emblem of Nova Scotia and the state flower of Massachussetts. The flower is less known in Romania, but I am sure that its popularity will increase soon.
Every lady from Romania will soon want to have mayflowers in her little garden!
May many Mayflowers decorate your garden in Romania!