About Anthurium


    Anthurium can be considered a tropical flower, very much preferred for its exotic outlook. In fact we can consider anthuriums the embodiments of exoticism. Precisely for their latter mentioned trait, anthuriums are extremely popular flowers and they can�t miss from a bouquet. Anthuriums are bound to impress any lady. In fact ladies prefer anthuriums to other flowers precisely for their exoticism, elegance and refinement. Anthuriums originate from the tropical areas, starting out from there; they managed to conquer the whole world. In the following I would like to outline some of the most important things about this flower.   

    First of all anthuriums originate from Mexico, Central and South America. But anthuriums can also be considered as originating from the West Indies or Hawaii. Many persons believe that anthuriums are in fact native flowers of Hawaii. Anthurium comes from the words anthos oura. Anthos means flower and oura means tail, named this since the spadix looks like a tail.
    Anthuriums grow in many forms. They are mostly everygreen, bushy or climbing epiphytes. It is very interesting how these epiphytes have large roots that often hang from the canopy all the way to the floor on the rain forest. Furthermore we can distinguish terrestrial as well as hemiepiphytic forms.
    Anthurium stem have a length between 15 and 30 cm. Leaves can have many shapesfrom spatulate to obtuse. The upper surface is matted or semiglossy, the leaves are petiolate. The flowers are small (about 3 mm) and develop crowded in a spike on a fleshy axis and called a spadix, a characteristic of the arums. The part of the inflorescence is the spadix, whereas the outer portion of the inflorescence is known as the spathe. The spathe can be single or multicolored. Colors of the spathe include: yellow, green and white. The flowers, however are to be found on the spadix. The flowers are hermaphrodite, containing male and female flowers. The fruits are usually berries with one to multiple seeds on an infructescence that may be pendant or erect depending on species. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthurium  

    Anthuriums come in a relatively wide range of colors: red, orange, purple, pink, white, peach and green. There are also some varieties that have more than one color on the flower; as if the colors were mixed, blended together or speckled on the flower.This variation in color are but one of the traits making anthuriums so popular. Moreover anthuriums have splendid foliage, and a wonderful long lasting flower. Thus anthuriums are very favored plants in the household gardens, because ladies prefer these lovely flowers in their flower beds.
    Anthuriums are fairly easy to cultivate. Anthuriums grow equally well in pots as well as in the ground. For every leaf that an anthurium plant puts out, there is a flower to follow it. Anthuriums thrive in well draining soils. The soil is usually made up of a combination of cinder, coconut husks, tree fern fiber, bark, saw dust, charcoal, rocks, and dirt and macadamia nut shells.Anthuriums need to be watered thoroughly. It is very important to water them, so that they can develop their root ball. Moreover anthuriums love taking as much light as possible. They can also perform well in shady areas.  Fertilizing is also a key issue with anthuriums.  If you are going to fertilize, use a light solution of a 3:1:2 ratio and it is probably best to dilute to 1/4 strength.

    Thus following these guidelines you can easily grow anthuriums in your parlor. I am sure that these flowers are charming and delighting, a real beauty. In fact we can consider anthuriums the �jewels� of our garden. Anthuriums are very elegant and lovely flowers, and make our garden look stylish and wonderful.    
    Anthuriums can be considered the flower of love as well. Especially the red anthurium can be regarded token of love, passion. Thus if you decide to send a bunch of red anthuriums to your loved one, this can be taken as a reinforcement of your tender feelings for her.
    Anthuriums embody the tender feelings, love, appreciation, passion, emotion and everything that can bring two persons together. A bunch of anthuriums can help you recall the very first moment you saw each other, can help you remember beautiful memories of a distant past. All these features make anthurium a special flower, very much liked over the whole world.
    In Romania for example anthuriums are the number one favorites on various occasions such as: birthday, christenings, weddings, marriage proposals and so on.A bunch of anthuriums can always cheer a person up and can always remind him or her of how beautiful life can be.