About Holly flowers

In the past, Holly flower was used by the Medieval monks, who called this flower like this because they believed that it will keep evil spirits away. It was also used by the Romans to decorate hallways with garlands for them. A few later, Holly’s leaves represented the crown used by Jesus, and the red berries represented It’s blood drops. These flowers signified the eternal life. Today, Hollies are the favorites flowers at Christmas. It can rarely be found in Scotland but it’s seen in the rest of Western and Central Europe. Holly’s red berries are poisonous and very bad for children and pets, even if in the past, they have been used as medicines for the inducement of nausea and vomiting. The flowers of this plant grow up in the spring season, around April and May. The fresh leaves of Holly were also used by people to make juice of them for treating jaundice. And in America, some species of Holly has been used to make a drink called Yerba Mate.