About Lisianthus

  Lisianthus can be considered popular flowers preferred for decorating rooms, as well as for making gardens look prettier. Thus it can be concluded that lisianthus is preferred as an indoor and outdoor flower as well. It is said that a bunch of lisianthus can make a room nicer and fill it with color and warmth. I am sure that you also fall for this lovely flower. Let us know more about it.

 Lisianthus originates from the warm regions of Mexico, Caribbean, and South Africa. They can also be found in the warmer regions of the USA. The other name used for lisianthus is eustoma. Lisianthus belongs to the Gentianaceae family. They have bell-shaped flowers with purple petal-like lobes; furthermore lisianthus has four wide ruffled petals and oval leaves. Colors vary from white, pink, lavender to deep purple. It is interesting to note that lisianthus resembles other flowers. When in full bloom, lisianthus can be taken for tulips, poppies or even roses or peonies. It is a very nice and elegant flower which even has a silky touch.
  Thus no wonder that lisianthus is a very much preferred flower. The bouquet having lisianthus as well is more likely to charm and delight everybody. With lisianthus added to the bouquet a touch of elegance, a blast of color is conferred. If you wish to plant lisianthus yourself, just pay attention to some general rules. To achieve the best results plant lisianthus in the spring. It is important to keep the soil evenly moist. Fertilize every four to six weeks or work in a slow-release fertilizer at planting time. Moreover as the plant grows provide some sticks for support. Furthermore pay attention to watering as well.

   Over watering may also spoil the plant. (http://www.dontveter.com/howtogrow/eustgran.html)
  I would like to wish you Good Luck with planting lisianthus. I am sure they will represent a blast of color and a source of joy!