About Freesia

Freesias are lovely and gentle flowers, charming every person. It is no wonder that freesias can be considered among the most favored flowers. Freesias are simple flowers, accompanying our every day existence. They are simple but lovely flowers making our every days happier.Like many other flowers, freesias originate from South Africa.They were introduced to Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. These flowers were named after a German physician Dr Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese. Freesias are herbaceous plants. They grow from a corm 1-2.5 cm diameter, which sends up a tuft of narrow leaves 10-30 cm long, and a branched stem 10-40 cm tall bearing a few leaves and a loose one-sided spike of fragrant narrowly funnel-shaped flowers. We can distinguish the following species of freesias:Freesia alba Freesia andersoniae Freesia caryophyllacea Freesia corymbosa Freesia fergusoniae Freesia fucata Freesia grandiflora Freesia laxa (syn. Anomatheca laxa, Lapeirousia laxa) Freesia leichtlinii Freesia occidentalis Freesia refracta Freesia sparrmannii Freesia speciosa Freesia verrucosa Freesia viridis (syn. Anomatheca viridis) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freesia. It is generally known that freesias perform best in a greenhouse, but they can also be grown as housplants. The key issue is to handle them properly. Begin planting the small corms late August; furthermore keep the pots or containers in a cool, shady, well ventilated place until the tops are several inches high. You should water them moderately. As they grow more and more the amount of the water should be increased. Flower buds will form in about 3 months; at this time applications of weak manure water are helpful. The corms may then be de-potted and stored in a cool, dark place until they are ready to be brought into growth again. http://www.plantideas.com/bulb/bulb21.html. Following the steps mentioned above, you will also be successful with freesias. Freesias cannot miss from a bouquet. With their beauty they complement every bouquet, making it more elegant, fabulous and exquisite.In Romania freesias are very much liked flowers, often included in bouquets.The simplicity yet the beauty of this flower delights everyone.