"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity? These are but trifles, to be sure; but, scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable."

- Joseph Addison

About Asphodelus

Asphodelus is a very popular flower throughout Europe. It is a very well known flower decorating many gardens in Romania. In what follows let us know more about this lovely flower.Asphodelus is a native flower to western, southern and central Europe, it is very well known in Greece. Nowadays asphodelus is a widely spread flower . The popularity of this flower is due to its easiness to cultivate. Asphodelus flowers grow well in well drained soils and are very much in need of natural light.Asphodelus can also be connected to the lily family, thus yet another aspect to contribute to its popularity. Asphodel species include: Asphodelus is a perennial plant with leaves that are narrow tufted and with an elongated stem. Its flowers are beautiful, white or yellow and are organized in spiked. Some species, for example Asphodelus albus has white flowers that can grow to up to 2 feets high. A curious thing is Asphodelus ramosus, that is a larger plant with large white flowers, but these white flowers have a reddish-brown line in their middle.
Asphodelus was a very popular flower and plant in ancient times as well. This flower is present in many Greek legends and generally connects the world of the living and the dead. Besides the presence in the Greek legends, asphodelus in those times was considered to be a remedy for snake-bites and also helped to preserve pigs healthy. The beauty pf this flower inspired many poets as well; for example Longfellow who wrote the following: “He, who wore the crown of asphodels, Descending at my door began to knock.”May many beautiful asphodelus plants decorate your garden in Romania or anywhere else.