About Ixia

I now wish to present a lovely and in the same time exotic flower. Ixia is not a widely known flower, yet its beauty is unquestionable. This flower can truly make your garden more beautiful and adds an exotic touch to it. In what follows, let us know more about it.

Ixia is native to South Africa, hence its exotic look. It can be associated to lilies as well, its other name being corn lilies or wand flowers. Ixia can be found in a variety of places, from grasslands to even marshlands. This lovely flower has fine grassy foliage and starry flowers (simple 6-petalled structures) situated on tall slender stems. However the stems can collapse under the volume of the blooms. But knowing it, one can try to avoid it.
Its flowering seasons ranges from spring to summer.
Its colours range from pale to brighter markings. Pale blue-green can also occur.
Its cultivation might be also of some interest. Ixia first of all prefers a light, well-drained soil and a sunny position. You should water it well in spring, but then also allow it to dry off after flowering. For propagation use offsets. You should plant bulbs 23 inches apart.

Here is a list presenting some Ixia species:

Ixia speciosa
Ixia maculate
Dutchess of York  

Ixia are simply beautiful flowers emitting a sweet fragrance. I do hope this article was useful and you could find some guidelines for cultivating this unique flower. Nowadays Ixia is becoming gradually more and more popular in arrangements, bouquets. Florists have just realized the beauty and value of this wonderful flower. Thus an arrangement containing Ixia is a truly charming one. Do not hesitate to surprise your dearest ones with such a lovely arrangement!