About Forsythia

Forsythia can be considered one of the easiest and loveliest flowers to grow in your garden from Romania or anywhere else. It confers a beautiful display to your garden. Moreover here are some tricks as well as tips for growing forsythia. First of all Forsythia prefers light or partial shade, and the only condition for growing successfully is the well-drained soil. Its color is yellow, which will surely offer a beautiful display to your garden. Forsythia is among the earliest flowers to bloom in spring. Thus it is a good idea to pick branches in midwinter and force them into bloom indoors. Forsythia varies in height, from one foot to ten feet in height. You should provide Forsythia with enough space, this way they will take a graceful appearance. Moreover if Forsythia flower are not pruned regularly, they will provide an even nicer display. Forsythias are especially recommended for shrub borders, or taller varieties can be also grown against the wall.  Moreover Forsythias can be considered really tolerant flowers, performing well under all circumstances.     It is important to know that new growth develops based on the previous year’s ones. It is thus recommended to prune the flowers as soon as they fade. It is recommended to cut back a third of the stems that are more than four years old. If you wish to propagate Forsythia flowers over the winter, here is what you need to do: make a small wound in a stem, and fasten this in a pot filled with soil. The pot will fill with roots. Moreover you can also take softwood cuttings of new growth in late spring or early summer. (http://www.gardenguides.com/163-forsythia-garden-basics-flower-perennial.html#ixzz0qwLCEI00)