About Lupin

Lupin (Lupinus-latin name, part of the Fabaceae family) 
   The Lupin is a member of the pea family and it is also a perennial plant. The name 'lupin' derives from the Latin word lupinus( which means"of or belonging to a wolf; made of wolf-skin"). It has become quite a popular garden plant in Romania as well. These plants are easy to grow in gardens , but they can look great in vases also. Just be careful when choosing to bring such a plant into your home, some species can be poisonous, so keep them away from pets and small children. The bloom color of this plant can be blue, red or purple. Pink and white blooms are rarely spotted in Romania. The Lupin plants can normally be seen blooming in Romania during the months of April, May, June and July. The growing conditions for this plant requires sun and part shade.
 The soil has to be moist at all times in order to help the plants grow a lot faster. Watering the Lupin twice a week is imperative as well as adding a little bit of fertilizer, which will only help them grow stronger. Make sure to be on the lookout for any insects and weeds that might cause problems to your Lupin plant. If you’re interested in dividing the Lupin, make sure you do this in the early fall season. This particular plant also attracts butterflies and even humming birds.