About Caladium

Caladium is a beautiful flower and plant well-known for its beautiful foliage. It is said that Caladiums leaves can vary in length from 6 inches to 2 feet. These leaves are heart-shaped and its colors include: green and white, green and red, white with red. Being native to South America, Caladium likes warm and moist.Its species include:
Caladium humboldtii
Caladium bicolor;
Caladium schomburgkii;
Caladium chantinii;
Caladium hortulanum.
Caladiums make lovely garden plants. Moreover they grow well in pair with ferns or other soft textured plants. If you wish to have Caladium flowers in your garden, for example in Romania you should buy tubers from the florist. When potting these pay attention to the soil, you should use a damp, slightly acidic mix. Once Caladiums sprout, you should move them into indirect light. It is very important, that when you wish to plant your Caladium outside, just wait for the soil to warm. It is a god idea to water the soil, whenever it feels dry and feeding once a month is also recommended.Good luck with growing Caladium flowers in Romania or anywhere else in the world!