About Yucca Plant

I am sure many of you are acquainted with the Yucca Plant.
It is indeed a very nice and decorative plant; moreover it surely creates a special ambiance and atmosphere in the room, garden is placed. In what follows I would suggest getting to know this plant closer.
Let us put Yucca plant under the magnifier!Yucca plant belongs to the Yucca genus, which comprises around 40, 50 species of perennial, shrubs as well as trees. Yuccas are native to the hot and dry parts of North, Central and South America.
 Furthermore yuccas can be found in the West Indies as well.Interestingly enough, Yucca plants have a very special pollination system. The so-called yucca moth pollinates the plant; this insect not only transfers the pollen, but also lays an egg in the flower. The moth larva is developing on the plant, and feeds on some of the developing seeds.Yucca plant species include
:* Yucca aloifolia
* Yucca brevifolia also known as Joshua Tree
* Yucca constricta
* Yucca decipiens
* Yucca elata
* Yucca filamentosa also known as Spoonleaf Yucca
* Yucca glauca also known as Great Plains Yucca
*Yucca harrimaniae
* Yucca madrensis
*Yucca pallida
* Yucca schidigera
* Yucca thompsoniana
* Yucca valida
* Yucca yucatana (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yucca)
 If you decide to plant Yucca plants, here are some tips that will surely be of great help!First of all, the best months for planting Yuccas are starting from April through June. It is very important to plant them in a well-drained soil. Moreover in order to improve drainage, you should apply gravel and sand. Concerning fertilization, you should apply a fertilizer only every 1 or 2 years, thus not too often. Since Yuccas are native to dry and sandy areas, they don’t need much water. You should water them only every 2 or 3 weeks. The Best places to grow yucca plants are full sun or partially shaded areas.
Good Luck with planting and growing Yucca Plants. As you could see, they are easy to grow and very decorative. Just bear in mind the tips, golden rules, and success with Yuccas is guaranteed!