About Narcissus Tazetta

Narcissus tazetta is an ornamental plant that grows from a bulb. Narcissus tazetta is one of the tallest flowers among the narcissi and can grow up to 80 cm. It has up to 8 flowers that are white, with a yellow corona.
Narcissus tazetta has its origins in the Mediterranean region, from Portugal to Turkey but is found on all the continents as well.
Narcissus tazetta is grown for its essential oils, mostly in Southern France. Recent medical studies have shown that a certain protein, called lectin has antiviral properties against the flue.
Narcissus tazetta is flowering in spring in Romania, it is easy to grow and great for naturalizing. Narcissus tazetta can have more flowers on a stem, up to a dozen small flowers or up to four larger flowers.
Narcissus tazetta is the result of many years of breeding. These flowers are found mostly in warmer regions, but they need a hot dry summer to perform at their best.
Because they are easy to grow and have many beautiful flowers, narcissus tazetta is a great flower to grow.