About Balloon flower

It is a very interesting and in the same time beautiful flower. It can be propagated from seeds and it prefers a spot in full sun or partly shaded. Its colors are the most beautiful and charming ones: blue, pale pink or white. What is most interesting about this flower is its blooming time: summer.Balloon flowers can decorate any garden in Romania or anywhere else, precisely because of their beauty and their uniqueness. They start blooming in summer, when many other perennials are beginning to fade. Moreover it is a heavy bloomer flower and it is very interesting how the petals are arranged. The petal is starry and it gives a plus touch of sweetness to this flower.Balloon flowers are excellent fro decorating gardens in Romania or anywhere else. Moreover it is an excellent flower for cutting, last long.As it was previously mentioned balloon flowers thrive in full sun or light shade. Moreover a little fertilizer, a slow-release type would be of great help for the flower; the blooming will be encouraged and the flowers will be even more beautiful.Moderate drought conditions aren't a problem, but it helps to water the plants deeply when the soil dries out too much or if drought conditions persist. Balloon flowers are seldom bothered by insects, and they are very cold-hardy.Balloon flowers are better to be planted in spring, just after the last winter frost. Seeds require light to germinate, so press them lightly onto the soil, and don't cover. You can expect flowers the second year.Plants are difficult to divide, but cuttings can be taken in late spring.Enjoy gardening and may lots of beautiful balloon flowers decorate your Romania based home.