About Daisy

    Daisy can be considered a nicely elegant and subtle flower. This flowers brings joy and beauty in our life. Though it may seem a little insignificant or simple flower, its beauty delights us and brightens our days. In the past daisies were considered to symbolize loyalty, love, gentleness, innocence and purity.
      Even if it seems an ordinary flower, daisy carries multiple subtle messages. In the following I propose to present some more information about this beautiful flower. Daisy can be considered a perennial species that flowers all through the year. It belongs to Asteraceae family. Its leaf length varies betweeen 2-4 cms, while the flower head diameter ranges from 16 to 25 mm. Daisies can be found all through Europe and west Asia, moreover these flowers were naturalized in the USA as well. These flowers also come in a wide range of colors: white, yellow, orange and pink.
        When describing this flower the following can be mentioned: Daisies have small, spoon-shaped leaves, the upturned flower heads consist of  the so-called “florets”. The flower heads have bright golden-yellow central discs. These central discs have as well florets, and these are surrounded by white, petal white “ray florets” that can have pink or reddish flushes on the underside. (http://www.arkive.org/species/ARK/plants_and_algae/Bellis_perennis/more_info.html)
        Daisies like any flowers, prefers full sun light, and moisture. This flower prefers fairly wet places, therefore in the wilderness daisies thrive on riverbanks and lake margins. But daisies can also be found on pasturelands, roadside verges and all types of mown. Daisy can also be cultivated in gardens. These lovely flowers, renowned for their variety of colors, can represent a lively and bright spot of your garden. Cultivating daisies is not at all difficult. Anyone can be succesful with them. Like many other flowers, daisies should be planted in spring in a soil upgraded with compost and watered throuroghly. Seeds will germinate in 10 days.
        Daisies are likely to perform good, if they are looked after.
        We, not only take delight in a bunch of daisies but these became part of culture as well.Children also prefer daisies and use them to prepare chains. Daisy chains are very liked by children. These can be used for all sorts of games. Moreover daisy also features in a light-hearted love divination, the petals being plucked off singly with the words ‘He loves me, he loves me not’ till all are gone, the last one deciding the issue. It is also a commonly known belief, that spring arrived if we can set our foot on seven or nine daisies. (http://www.answers.com/topic/oxeye-daisy)
        In time daisy also became a common first name for ladies. This exemplifies and also implies a great respect for the flower. For example in one of the greatest American novels The Great Gatsby written by Fitzgerald the femme fatale is Daisy Buchanan. A bunch of daisies always carry a nice, heartfelt message. A delightfully yet simple bouquet carrying a message of love, warmth and the purest intentions. Do not hesitate to surprise your dearest ones with a bunch of daisies. If they live far away from you, then surprise them by sending a bunch of daisies. Daisies are very much preferred in Romania as well.         Moreover it is very common to give a bunch of daisies in sign of appreciation and love. I would like to close my article with a quotation taken from Chaucer the great English poet: 'Well by reason men it call maie The Daisie, or else the Eye of the Daie.'According to this quote daisies are the “eyes of the day”.
        An interesting statement, worth pondering about.