About Heliotrope

Heliotrope can be considered one of the best garden flowers. Its colors delight the eyes and its fragrance the nostrils. Many ladies boast their garden, filled with beautiful Heliotrope flowers in Romania and in several other countries. In what follows I would like to present some information about this lovely flower.

Heliotropes were preferred during the 19th century especially because of their sweet scent and look. According to Wayne Winterrowd, author of Annual and Tender Plants for North American Gardens heliotrope flowers resemble a perfume bottle unstopped. Heliotrope has varied colors ranging from pink, violet to dark lavender.
The best species to grow are: Marine, Marine Light Blue, Alba and Black Beauty. I would like to take them one by one.
Marine has large and dark purple flowers; Marine Light Blue is quite similar to Marine, the only difference being the color of the flowers: pale blue and purple. Alba has white blooms; whereas Black Beauty has very dark-colored leaves.

In order to have the best possible results you should plant heliotrope in a rich, well-drained soil. Moreover heliotropes enjoys full sun, also you should water it well, but please be careful with over watering. Heliotropes can grow about 18-24 inches tall.
Moreover it is good idea to combine Heliotropes with several other flowers, geraniums or verbena. They’ll surely make your garden a true splendor.

Good Luck with planting beautiful Heliotrope in your garden in Romania or anywhere else!