"Flowers are sent to do God's work in unrevealed paths, and to diffuse influence by channels that we hardly suspect."

- Henry Ward Beecher

About Epigaea

Epigaea can be considered a beautiful flower that can be found in many countries including Romania. It belongs to the Ericaceae genus. Moreover Epigaea grows in small and creeping shrubs. It can reach the height of 10-20 cm. Epigaea interestingly enough had evergreen leaves and the flowers’ color vary from white to pink. Flowers are produced mostly in spring. Its look confers beauty to any garden. In Romania or anywhere else Epigaea flowers delight ladies and make them proud of their garden.

    Moreover Epigaea has three species, these are the following: Epigaea asiatica mainly to be found in Japan; Epigaea gaultherioides to be found in Georgia and Northeastern Turkey; Epigaea repens blooming in Eastern North America.

    If you wish to cultivate Epigaea in your garden here are some tips: First of all Epigaea requires a soil rich in humus and shade. The seeds usually germinate in about three to five weeks. As soon as these are large enough to handle, pot them individually.
It is important to grow them in light shade, moreover they can be planted to their permanent position in late spring. The flower buds require a period of chilling to about 2°c before opening. The flowers are sweetly scented.
 Good Luck with planting and caring beautiful Epigaea flowers in your garden from Romania or any other country.