"I do not think I have ever seen anything more beautiful than the bluebell I have been looking at.I know the beauty of our Lord by it."

- Gerald Manley Hopkins

About Magnolia

Magnolia belongs to a large genus, comprising more than 210 species. Magnolia is a very popular flower in Romania and mostly everywhere. Interestingly enough its name is derived from the French botanist, Pierre Magnol.Magnolia is an ancient genus, as a result is very tough and resistant. It can be grown basicallu everywhere, in every climate. You can find Magnolias in North and Central America, the West Indies, South America, Asia. Over the time, magnolia developed several species. In what follows I would like to provide a short list comprising some of Magnolia species.•Magnolia sinica• Magnolia arcabucoana• Magnolia boliviana•Magnolia allenii•Magnolia villosa•Magnolia persuaveolens•Magnolia hodgsonii• Magnolia lasia•Magnolia grandiflora•Magnolia pacifica• Magnolia poasana( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnolia )If you wish to cultivate magnolias in your garden, here are some tips and tricks.One of the most important elements in growing Magnolias is allowing them enough space. It is a good idea thus to allow about 6m around the magnolias. Moreover the site chosen for Magnolias should be protected from wind. Moreover Magnolias prefer either light shade or sun. Moreover the soil should be rich in organic matter, well-drained. In order to reduce the risk of sulky plants, Magnolias should be planted when they’re dormant. Moreover magnolias are surface feeders; therefore do not plant them too deeply. It is a good idea to stake new plants. The stakes will help them establish, strengthen. These should be removed after a year. Moreover a good irrigation is essential.Mulch magnolias each spring to conserve moisture and in order to add nutrients.Magnolias can be propagated from cuttings, layered or budded.(http://www.bestgardening.com/bgc/plant/magnolia01.htm)Good Luck with planting beautiful Magnolias in your garden in Romania or anywhere else in the world! Magnolias are very popular flowers in Romania!