About Bellflower

I am sure you all have seen flowers that have an interesting shape. In fact their shape determines their names. It is the same with Bellflower, it’s got the name from the unique and lovely shape it has. It belongs to the Campanula genus, includes several varieties. Their habitat ranges from the temperate Northern Regions to the Mediterranean and even Caucasus.
 There are several well-known species: Campanula rotundifolis, also known as Harebell in England and Bluebell in Scotland. Campanula medium is another popular variety, known as Canterbury bells; moreover it’s a popular garden plant throughout Europe. There can be distinguished blue, purple and white varieties.

Other species include:  
 Campanula abietina   
Campanula adsurgens   
Campanula barbata    
Campanula baumgartenii   
Campanula californica   
Campanula carpatica    
Campanula cashmeriana   
Campanula dichotoma   
Campanula divaricata   
Campanula elatines   
Campanula griffinii   
Campanula hemschinica   
Campanula hercegovina
Bellflowers can be basically grown from rock areas to woodland areas. Their color range runs from blue, white and even pink. Bellflowers can be considered excellent feature plants or backgrounds for roses.
They prefer a bright, sunny place and free-draining soil. Plants are beautiful in the border, and also useful in the rock garden. They are especially fine for the shade or wild garden.They make excellent garden flowers as well as cut flowers. Be sure to have bellflowers in your garden or bunch of flowers.
It will definitely add a touch of loveliness and a blast of color to any bouquet!