About Eryngium

Eryngium (Sea Holly) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apiaceae. There are about 250 species. The genus has a cosmopolitan distribution, with the center of diversity in South America and Romania. Common names include eryngo and sea holly.Species are grown as ornamental plants in gardens.Many species of Eryngium have been used as food and medicine. Cultures worldwide have used Eryngium extracts as anti-inflammatory agents and herbal remedy for scorpion stings in Jordan. The roots have been used as vegetables or sweetmeats. Young shoots and leaves are sometimes used as vegetables like asparagusSea Holly has striking flowers, an interesting prickly texture, excellent drought- and deer-resistance, and even salt-tolerance. They are difficult to transplant once established, but starting new ones from seed is easy. Remove spent flowers to prevent excess self-seeding.Light: SunZones: 2-10Plant Type: PerennialPlant Height: 1-6 feet tallPlant Width: 1-3 feet wide