About scarlet plume euphorbia fulgens

It’s botanical name is Euphorbia fulgens and the plant is a member of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family. Related species include poinsettia, crown-of-thorns, which are also loved flowers in Romania just like the Scarlet Plume. How to care for it post harvest: Just remove the bottom leaves if present, simply recut the stems under water and place in a fresh flower solution. In most cases, flower food solutions do not add vase life and can speed up leaf yellowing. Unlike its sister plant, the famous poinsettia, placing stems in hot water is not beneficial.The flowers grow1/2 inch long and the stems are 2-3 feet long. It is a perennial plant, classed as a dicotyledon, Flowers have no odor what so ever and it normally lasts in Romania from late fall all through wintertime. The hues of the flowers are orange, red, yellow, pink, white.Storage Info: Holding this species even for short period of times at 50F or lower can be damaging. Therefore, it is chill sensitive. So be careful where you place it. Did you know that the colorful parts of flowers are not really its petals, but are in fact bracts. And as another fun fact for your, the epithet name fulgens means shining.