About Stock Matthiola

The Matthiola genus consists of bush plants that reach heights between 30 and 75 cm.They are hardy annuals, biennials or even perennials. Flowering happens from the end of spring through summer. The flowers are red, purple, blue or white. In Romania, people love to grow such types of plants due to their intense odor. Matthiola also goes by the name of Stock, Evening stock, Brompton stock, Gillyflower or Night Scented stock.Once you have planted these varieties in your garden, always pinch the young stock (Matthiola) plant to help it grow taller. It is advisable to have the plants close together because this will help with the blooming process. Matthiola plants are easy to care for, just make sure to water constantly and feed once a month. They are erect plants, with grey-green and 4-pettaled flowers. All throughout the countryside in Romania, you can see a wide range of Matthiola plans. Most florists prefer to use these blossoms in arrangements because it gives floral pieces height and elegance.