About Guernsey lily Nerine

This is a South African plant with lovely purple or pink flowers. The fragrance is really pleasant and the best part about this plant is that it blooms from late summer and lasts till fall. You can either plant these bulbs in a pot or simply in the ground outside your garden. 
    However since winters can be pretty harsh in Romania, make sure you protect the bulb from frost. Also consider spacing these nerine bulbs and make sure the soil is a very fertile one. You should also consider planting them in groups because they look a lot better when they bloom. It grows up to 45 cm tall and here is an interesting fact for you: it gained the  Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.
   This plant must be watered regularly, just enough so that the soil around the small bulbs don’t dry out. A bit of plant food added in the spring time will only make them grow faster and strengthen the bulbs for the next year. These types of bulbs multiply every year, so you will have lovely Guernsey lilies each year.