About Snapdragon Antirrhinum

Because of their amazing fragrance and uniquely-shaped flowers, snapdragons are landscaper’s favorite.   It is a perennial plant. Its leaves are arranged in a spiral way broadly lanceolate. The flowers are on a tall spike and each one has two 'lips' closing the corolla. The plants are pollinated bumblebees.Here are a few quick facts that are worth considering: Sunlight:they enjoy full sunMaturity:80-100 days from seed to flower Height 12 to 36 inches Spacing 6 to 18;inches apart in all directions. Growing snapdragons also known as Antirrhinum Majus provides months of color ranging from pale pastels to vibrant reds and oranges. In Romania, these flowers can be seen in lots of gardens, because of their amazing shades and colors. Back in the old days, snapdragons were believed to have supernatural powers and offer protection from those practicing witchcraft. They were also believed to restore beauty and youthfulness to women.    How to prepare the site: Snapdragons thrive in the cooler temperatures of late spring and do best in sunny area with rich, well-drained soil. Plants will not bloom where temperatures are high for long periods of time. Blooms will tolerate a bit of frost. Under favorable conditions, snapdragons will self-sow in the garden. How to Plant: You can grow them from cuttings or from seed. If you decide to plant these flowers from seed, sow indoors on the surface of the soil for 8 weeks before last frost. The germination process will be between 10-20 days. You may also need to stake the plants when young. In Romania, people who grow snapdragons have occasionally complaint about problems with rust. If such problems exist use organic garden pest solutions.