About Primrose

Continuing the series of presenting nice but simple flowers, I now wish to focus on primrose. Primrose can be regarded as an ordinary flower, yet its outlook and colors make it extraordinary. In my opinion primroses can be regarded the “queen” of a garden.I could not find any information regarding its origins, native habitat. Yet one interesting thing I managed to find it is the mentioning of primroses in Shakespeare’s works. According to an interesting legend, a certain amount of primroses planted around a rock, would create a fairy ring. Perhaps you shall also be able to create this “fairy ring” in your garden in Romania. In what follows I will try to help you with it. First of all, you need to choose a primrose variety to plant it. The species include Japanese Primrose - most widely spread and cultivated, moisture Cowslip Primrose German Primrose It is important to mention that primroses bloom early to late spring. Exposure to Summer heat can result in the fading of its foliage, but watering and especially pruning will see the leaves return full force in autumn. It can grow from 6-12 inches tall. Here I wish to underline that primrose grows best in moist, slightly acidic soil and light shade. Moreover primroses are easy to maintain and naturalize well when conditions suit them.The propagation of primroses happens naturally. They spread slowly by rhizomes in the ground. Therefore you should divide primroses in late spring after flowering and then share the extras with some gardening friends. I do hope I have been of some help. Good Luck with growing primroses! May primroses decorate your garden and delight your eyes! May you buy primroses for your loved one in Romania.