About Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria can be considered a very nice but rather unknown flower. Its exotic look, and very vivid colors, can confer a truly nice look to any bouquet. Thus I recommend buying some bouquets or to prepare lovely bunches using this beautiful flower. But before going to buy or to make bouquets, here is some information about this beautiful flower.
Alstroemeria is native to South America, its other name being Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas. It is mostly cultivated in Chile and Brazil and it’s very common in The Andes. Its name may sound a bit strange. This is owing to the fact that the genus was named after a Swedish baron Claus von Alstroemer. Moreover the plant was first described by a French botanist named Loius Feuille.
Its most well known species include:
•    Alstroemeria aurea
•    Alstroemeria aurantiaca
•    Alstroemeria caryophyllaea
•    Alstroemeria haemantha
•    Alstroemeria ligtu
•    Alstroemeria psittacina
•    Alstroemeria pulchella
If you wish to cultivate Alstroemeria, here are some guiding principles: plant them deep in the well drained, fertile soil in late summer or early fall. While growing, water freely and fertilize every month, use a balanced fertilizer. During winter you should water them very little. They prefer full sun. It’s recommended to mulch the plants the first two years. Winter protection should be provided with a dry mulch. Moreover alstroemeria can form wonderful clumps. If you wish to propagate them, divide the clumps during fall or very early spring. Plant them in pots or containers as soon as ripe. (http://www.gardenology.org/wiki/Alstroemeria)
I would like to wish you Good Luck with planting Alstroemerias. I am sure their sight will charm your eyes! Alstroemerias are very popular flowers in Romania as well. Many mixed bunches of flowers contain Alstroemerias and ladies from Romania particularly like them! Surprise your dearest one in Romania with a lovely bunch of Alstoemeria flowers!