About Loosestrife lysimachia

Lysimachia is a genus of flowering plants , member of the Primulaceae family. There are species within Lysimachia which are called loosestrife. These plants look lovely in any garden. They enjoy a wet soil and plenty of water. Be careful with some of these types of plants, because they can become pretty invasive, so they might to be corralled. The genus Lysimachia includes 150 species of herbaceous perennials and shrubs, which grow in damp woodland or near water in subtropical areas. The leaf shapes vary, however these are quite hairy. The 5-petaled flowers are shaped liked stars, saucers, or cups, and are most often white, yellow, pink and purple. You can see these lovely plants thriving around some parts of Romania. They are not high maintenance plants and they are lovely to look at due to their foliage and pretty flower shades. Loosestrife was used in the past as a medicinal herb. Did you know that the smoke created from burning this plant is an excellent insect repellant?