About Cyclamen

In this series of presenting flowers,
I chose a relatively well-known one. I am sure that everybody has seen or had cyclamen. These lovely flowers are very popular and can be found in almost any garden. A flower garden containing cyclamen is definitely a very colorful and nice one! Cyclamens confer a unique color, scent and beauty to any garden. Moreover they are very likely to attract the glances of your neighbors or of persons passing by. In what follows let us know more about this charmingly beautiful flower.   

Cyclamen belongs to the Primulaceae or the Primrose family. Practically it can be found everywhere on the planet, from the Mediterranean regions to west Asia. This fact underlines the capacity of this lovely plant to adapt to practically every region and climate. Some Cyclamen species are also known for the fact that they flower in every month of the year. The most well-known species of Cyclamen is Cyclamen persicum. They are available in a wide range of colors. 

After this brief presentation of the plant, I now wish to proceed with describing its care. Cyclamen is a plant that can make your garden nicer and can also add a blast of color to it. They perform best planted in a soil-based potting mix with the top of the tuber slightly above the soil line.Once with the appearance of leaves the plant is actively growing. In this period you should whenever you feel the soil dry. Another interesting and very important aspect is the dormant stage. In this stage cyclamen begins to fade. You should allow this plant 2-3 months in order to dry out. These dormant conditions depend fully on the growing conditions. Usually cyclamens go dormant for the summer. They dislike the lack of rain and the excessive heat, therefore they go dormant. During this dormancy period, cyclamen should be kept in the room, at a dark spot with good air circulation. You should begin watering and feeding again in September. By then you�ll probably be seeing new growth starting. Do not forget to bring your plant indoors before a frost. In winter make sure your cyclamen receives a bright and indirect light.    

Another very important aspect concerning cyclamen is humidity. Especially during winter, watering becomes a key issue. Keep the cyclamen on a tray of water with a layer of pebbles or anything else that can form a shelf. The cyclamen pot should sit on this so-called �shelf�. The cyclamen itself cannot sit in the water. Regarding fertilizers for cyclamen use one with low nitrogen every couple of weeks while in full leaf.(http://gardening.about.com/od/houseplants/a/Cyclamen.htm)   

I hope these ideas will help you with cyclamens. I wish you Good Luck with cyclamen care. May these charming flowers fill your garden with color and your soul with light and joy.