About Bluebell

Continuing the series of presenting less known flowers, in this article I wish to present Bluebell. This is a lovely, spring flowering and perennial plant. It is mostly known in Europe; this flower can be found in the following countries: Romania, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, and also occurs as a naturalized species in Germany, Italy.

Moreover as many other flowers, it was known to the ancient Greeks. According to a legend this flower was blooming from the blood of a dying prince named Hyacinthus. His admirer, the god Apollo, shedding tears marked the flowers’ petals with the word alas, denoting his grief.  
Even tough this flower has this sad mythical story, its beauty inspired many florists to create lovely bouquets. It can be found in many lovely bunches of flowers created in Romania.

    Information about Bluebell includes the following: it blooms in April and May, with stems bending over the top, being 10-30 cm long. The flowers have a beautiful lavender-blue color. The flowers smell sweet thus being a charm to the nostrils as well. Bluebell can also vary in color: pink and white variants are more usual. Pollination is by insects. Its black seeds may have a long period of survivability and under suitable conditions these can emerge.  Thus bluebells can spread quickly if the conditions are suitable and favorable.

Bluebells are also known as wild hyacinth. May this beautiful flower decorate your garden in Romania or anywhere else in the world!