About Windflower Anemone

Anemone is a genus that contains about 120 species of plants. It is part of the
Ranunculaceae family and loves temperate zones. It is also called Windflower or Crowfoot.
The word anemone comes from Greek and it means "daughter of the wind".
Anemone are considered perennials with basal leaves and long leaf-stems.
The flowers have 4–27 sepals grouped in cymes of 2–9 flowers.
The color of the sepals can be almost any shade and the pistils have just one ovule.
As far as the fruits are concerned, they are collected together in a cluster and have
lengthened stalks. Many of the species are favorite garden plants, especially in
 some parts of Romania such as the woodland and alpine meadows.
Did you know that this plant can be used to treat headaches and rheumatic gout?