About Grape Hyacinth

Grape hyacinths also known as Muscari are ideally used to adorn the edges of your garden. The Grape Hyacinth has sometimes been called Starch Hyacinth, as the flowers have been supposed to smell of wet starch. The name Muscari, comes from the Greek word for musk. These flowers offer a grapey scent and once you will get a sniff of this aroma, you will know that winter has past. The grape hyacinths are native to the Mediterranean area, in Romania they do not grow more than 10 inches tall.
  Their petals are blue and purple with white tips, thus the grape like look. So if you want to plant these kinds of flowers in your backyard, make sure you opt for in mass bulbs which will look stunning in any garden.
   They can be planted at the base of shrubs and even under trees. The grape hyacinth looks stunning paired with daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers. The best part about this type of plant is that they tolerate most soils. They love the sun, but make sure you also offer them part shade. The best time of the year to plant the grape hyacinth is during the fall season. The leaves are able to tolerate really cold weather and you will see them flowering in mid-spring.