About Statice Limonium

Statice or the “everlasting flower” will keep the calyx for a long time even after the flower dried out. This belongs to the family Plumbaginaceae. Statice flowers are mostly used in dried flower arrangements and Romanians love to use statice flowers even in wedding arrangements. Statice goes by many names, so here is a list of them:
Limonium English
Statice German
Statice Seafoam
Sea Lavender
Because it comes in a vast array of colors, lavender, pink and so on, these are very adaptable and all-around flowers. The Statice flowers have a delicate appearance and they always bloom in spring and summer. Other species of Statice do pack an offensive odor. Romanians love to cultivate Latifolia Calyxes due to they lovely color combo, white and violet flowers, but they have grown an interest for other types of Statice species over the years as well, thus their gardens are abundant in these types of flowers. Did you know that the name of the genus Limonium is an ancient Greek name? This is derived from the word meadow,thus referring to the plant’s original habitat. Another interesting fact about this plant is that some varieties of Statice, form purple flowers at the beginning but with the passing of time the flowers change color and become pure white.