About Liatris

    About Liatris - Have you ever thought of what makes a bunch of flowers even more beautiful? Besides the well-know: roses, gerberas, lilies, orchids, callas, there are other componentsof a bouquet as well. One of these components is liatris, a perennial. A bunch of flowers containing liatris as well is definitely more beautiful and elegant. This perennial simply confers the bouquet more elegancy, refinement and exquisiteness. Liatris helps enhancing the bouquet’s beauty and elegance. Even tough it is a less-known plant its importance is unquestionable. In order to learn more about this plant, please take a look at the ideas listed below.   

    Liatris, also known as Gay feather, forms a low clump of grassy looking leaves, bearing tall spikes of bright purple flowers beginning in midsummer. Its clumps can be easily divided every three or four years in spring. Plants may need to be staked. Moreover liatris is a very important commerce plant. Being a very important component of bouquets, it is widely grown all over the world. In our greenhouses, a special place is dedicated to the cultivation of this perennial. Liatris like any other plants enjoy and need full sunlight, normal soil type and average watering.
    There are 32 well-known species of liatris that can be found in almost every state of the USA, in the region extending from the Rocky Mountains until Southern Canada and Northern Mexico. The most widely known three species of liatris are:

    Liatris aspera
    Liatris pycnostachya
    Liatris spicata   

    Liatris aspera is native from southwestern Ontario to Minnesota and south to Florida and Texas preferring dry sandy fields.
    In contrast to this Liatris pycnostachya grows in a territory from Indiana to South Dakota and south to Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, preferring damp meadows.
    Finally Liatris spicata growing in the area of Florida and Louisiana prefers marshy places. http://www.hort.wisc.edu/mastergardener/Features/flowers/liatris/liatris.htm           
    Concerning the propagation of liatris, it can be asserted that these perennials can be grown easily from seeds. Taking into account the needs of liatris, one can be successful with them. As mentioned above liatris need full sunlight, do not need extremely rich soil, but they may need to be staked. Thus following these simple rules, we can enjoy the presence of this lovely perennial in our garden. Liatris can represent a very colorful spot of our garden. An extra touch of beauty will be definitely added to our garden. Liatris may seem simple in their outlook. They do not have any fragrance, and still they are very preferred elements of many bunches of flowers.
    Liatris simply go wonderfully together with yellow or white roses, gerberas or even daisies or chrysanthemums. Every flower or bouquet when accompanied with liatris has a lovely outlook and a touch of grace. Thus a simple perennial, turns out to be indispensable when it comes to making a lovely bouquet. Please never forget to look for this perennial. Choose a bouquet containing liatris and it is for sure, that the lady will be delighted and charm by it. Flowers are beautiful but when accompanied with liatris look more wonderful and charming. Liatris definitely confers elegance and beauty to the bunch of flowers, making them more charming and delighting.
    A simple perennial, and yet has such a great importance in making a bouquet look more beautiful and nice.