About Flowers


By definition flower is a colored, sometimes scented, part of a plant that contains its reproductive organs. It consists of a leafy shoot with modified leaves, petals and sepals surrounding male or female organs, stems and pistils.

Two important notions related to flowers are reproduction and pollination.
Flowers were created for reproduction. This reproduction is made possible by the joining
of pollen of one plant with the ovules of another in order to form seed which grows into the next generation of plants.  
Flowers evolved in order to attract the pollinating agent. According to the pollination mechanisms employed by the flower, these can be grouped into two categories:
►Entomophilous: flowers attract and use insects, bats, birds or other animals to transfer pollen from one flower to the next.

►Anemophilous: flowers use the wind to move pollen from one flower to the next, examples include the grasses, Birch trees, Ragweed and Maples.  

Flowers are not only important parts of nature, but these play a very important role in human’s life as well. Flowers are practically present at all the major events of our life: birth, christening, wedding, birthday party, commemorations, different celebrations and funerals. Thus it can be asserted that flowers are omnipresent elements of our lives.

It is a commonly accepted view that a single flower can speak thousands of words. Therefore sending a bunch of flowers equals a confession. One can best express his/her feelings by sending flowers.
In Romania sending flowers is a common and general practice. People in Romania -just as anywhere else- send flowers on different occasions. They send flowers for birthdays, name days; they send flowers to congratulate someone, or to express their sympathy.
Furthermore they consider that flowers carry messages from heart to heart, and speak the language of love. A bunch of flowers carrying a heartfelt message can definitely impress and touch anyone.
Sending flowers in my opinion is the noblest thing one can do. You do not need a special occasion to send flowers. Simply express your love, show how much you care, let the other person know how important he/she is for you.
Flowers thus can help our interpersonal relationships. Flowers can help in smoothing the conflicts or actually they can anticipate their remedy.

    Flowers not only help our interpersonal relationships, but also exercise a beneficial influence upon us and our environment. A recent Harvard study demonstrates that looking at a bunch of flowers first thing in the morning can fill one with a positive, optimistic mood. As the writer of the article has put it, petal power perks up our mornings. It is an extremely interesting article, which underlines the idea that the sole sight of flowers can fill one up with warmth, positive attitude and joy.

Thus it is scientifically proven that flowers can help us be more happy, optimistic and glad. Flowers fill our souls with noble and true feelings, and help us to be better. Therefore flowers can be considered the messengers of true, noble feelings as well as of joy, happiness and love.
Flowers are the perfect gift for every occasion. Never hesitate to send flowers to your loved ones! Flowers may fade but the memory of you sending a bunch of flowers will never sink into oblivion.