About Lady s mantle

Lady s mantle Alchemilla vulgaris-latin name. Part of the Rosaceae family

   Lady s mantle is a type of plant that looks good in one s garden and can also be used as a decorative house plant . It grows no more than a foot high and has green flowers. It s rootstock is edible and sheep and horses seem to be quite fond of this plant. All over the world and in Romania as well, this type of plant is considered to be a great herbal remedy. Lady’s mantle is freely found beyond the Arctic circle in Europe, Greenland and many other corners of the world. Lady s mantle has an astringent property and it has been used for treating wounds and bruises. A study made in Romania in 1979 by a group of researchers from Cluj, revealed that a treatment based on this plant has strong effects in stopping any kind of bleeding.
  This plant can be used at home either as an external remedy or as an internal one, depending on one s illness. A strong decoction made from the fresh root is highly recommended to stop any severe bleedings. There are also lots of benefits regarding this plant s properties which are related to beauty. In Romania, the properties of this plant are well known for curing acne and for rejuvenating the skin.
  In all parts of the world, this plant has become more and more used for its the countless benefits. The people from Romania have been taking advantage of it in order to prevent spontaneous abortions, cancer, ovarian cysts and so on. A very easy and cheap medicinal plant which one can grow at home.